Welcome to Middleway2012, "Helping to Save the World by Stopping the 3 P's, the 3 Problems"

From January 1 to 7, Middleway delivered daily messages to help save the world. Day1 talks of the train and the 3P's, the 3 Problems. Day2 describes the first P, Pollution. Day3 is the solution to stopping pollution increases. Day4 describes the second P,  Population. Day5 is the population solution. Day6 describes the third P, Piracy. Day7 the solution to piracy (Attn. Occupy). A short explanation of UT can be found at this link, UT.


NEW... Evolution Day talk which explains why it is so difficult to get humans to learn new tricks. Also, a Global Warming handout available for downloading.

Middleway Links

NoR2014 campaign, Sept 1, 2014 (3 1/2 min)

Evolution Day talk, July 4, 2014 (4 min)

Day300 Talk, Fixing the World in 2 Steps (3 min)

Day200 Talk, A Pirate Story (5 min)

Watch Day 100 Video (6 minutes):

Watch Day 1-7 Videos below (15 minutes total time):

Day1, train analogy and introduce the 3 P's

Day2, the first P is Pollution

Day3, the solution for Pollution

Day4, the second P is Population

Day5, Population and the 1CC solution

Day6, the third P is Piracy

Day7, Piracy solution and conclusion